Doggy Daycare Near Me | What to Look for and How to Decide

Only dog and pet owners can relate to how important it is to find the right daycare for your fur baby, they are family and they deserve the best. There are lots of reasons why your pooch would need to go to doggy daycare: perhaps you're away all day, or maybe your dog needs some socialization skills, or you feel better when your dog is being taken care of by caring people. Whatever your reasons are, there is some homework involved in finding the right doggy daycare for your furry friends.

There is a range of daycare facilities, Vets and groomers offer day boarding, as do well-known pet stores, retailers, and open-space facilities. There are even people or a family member offering their daycare from their homes.

Use our daycare locating tool to find the perfect facility near you.

Tips On What The Perfect Doggy Daycare Will Offer

Talking with various employees about their experience and day-to-day interactions will give you the best idea of how well a facility handles the pets in their care.

A place where you can leave your pooch when you're at work where they can play and burn energy? Who could ask for more? One of the greatest pet inventions after sliced bread.

Daycare facilities have been appearing all over the country during the past several years, and they are becoming more popular. Owners find them to be the quick answer to keeping their dogs healthy and exercised when they are too busy to do it.

With all the centers out there asking for your dog, how do you know which one to choose? Can you trust a daycare center and their trained staff to take great care of your dog, keeping them safe and happy while they are interacting with other dogs?

Get Referrals

The best way to find out about trustworthy daycare facilities in your area is through personal referrals. Use social media to do research; if you have a lot of local Twitter or Facebook associates, post a question asking for encounters with the daycare facilities in your area. Ask people you know if they have ever taken their dogs to a daycare center.

When visiting a prospective daycare center, please pay attention to the number of playgroups it has, as well as how many staffers there are in each one. The groups divided by size and personality, and the staff to dog ratio should be about 1:10, depending on the group.

Read Reviews and Ask Questions

Thanks to social media, you can find questions and reviews on just about everything, including doggie daycares. If you look on Google, for instance, you'll get a good idea of what kinds of encounters other dog owners have had with a particular care facility.

Things Every Daycare Should Provide

Visit the daycare and ask some questions regarding the day care services provided. Is there a fee for picking up a dog late? What are their operating hours? Is there a discounted rate for multiple dogs?

Is there a discounted monthly or yearly membership available? Do they require up-to-date vaccinations? Make sure that you are satisfied with all of the methods and can adhere to them. If not, take your dog somewhere else.

Extra Amenities Exceptional Full Service Daycares Offer

Grooming or other spa services available.

A swimming area.

Outside dog run.

Agility course.

Dog training or obedience classes provided.

It's nice to choose a special place that has some extra amenities, even if they are not "needed."

Healthcare For Your Dog

Does the facility work with a nearby pet hospital or veterinarian? If so, ask for the contact information of the facilities to ask about the daycare's accidents. Realize that illnesses and accidents do happen, but there shouldn't be an unusually high number of them.

Is the facility equipped with an onsite vet, daycares and boarding facilities should use a nearby pet hospital or veterinarian. If the doggy day care hesitates and doesn't want to provide this information move onto the next one, they are hiding something.

Can the staff provide meals or medication is an essential but sometimes overlooked question? Do you get the idea that if there is a problem, the team would know how to handle it? Are they friendly and well trained?

The Smell and Sight Test

Ask for a tour of the facility. Are there any doggie smells, aside from what you might expect in a pet place? Is it clean? Ask to see where your pooch will sleep and play.

You should have access to all areas of the facility beside the back offices. If there's an area that they won't let you tour, go elsewhere.

Ask to speak with a few referrals or regular customers to get their impressions of the facility. Most daycares will have customers that are available and used to getting phone calls—and people love to chat about their pups!

Is the facility safe and secure? Is there any way for dogs to run away or get stolen?

Does the place look like your pet will have fun? Imagine that you're sending your child to summer camp away from you, wouldn't you want the experience to be excellent?

Many daycares have an admission process that involves a questionnaire and an evaluation of the dog. The surveys and assessment of the dog aren't to try to eliminate your dog. Care in an open facility with other dogs isn't for every canine, and the daycare has to make sure that Tilly will play nicely with others.

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